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Сегодня: 17 Февраля 2018 года

Welcome to Koryazhma, to the North of Russia

Koryazhma is a nice town in the south of the Arkhangelsk region on the bank of the Vychegda River, not far from the place where it flows into the Severnaya Dvina.

Koryazhma appeared on the map of Russia owing to the construction of the largest in Europe pulp-and-paper mill (known as The Kotlas Pulp-and-Paper Mill). Its building was started in the 1960s of the last century. Today it produces different types of cellulose, printing and non-printing papers, cardboards, fibre boards and other products. The Koryazhma people (over 40 thousand) live in comfortable flats in the apartment houses built on the area where half a century ago there were the woods and bogs.

As a matter of fact the history of our town can be traced back as long as to 1535 when o monk Longin founded a cloister known later on as the Koryazhma Nikolay monastery. It has been restored recently and houses an orthodox church.

Koryazhma is a modern town with various amenities. It’s full of greenery in summer; parks and spots of alive nature make urban scenery still more appealing. One of the peculiarities of the town are underground lakes of mineral water which is used for curing town dwellers and guests in the sanatorium.

Koryazhma is a town of creative people. Many folk and professional arts are being developed in our town. Our best musicians, dancers and singers are participants and winners of many national and international festivals and competitions. Boundless opportunities of making works of art of paper attract to Koryazhma artists, photographers, masters of applied arts to the annual festival «Paper Magic».

Koryazhma is a town of sport. A sport house “Olimp” is a very popular keep-fit center, a place of sport contests in our town. Children and grown-ups care for swimming, basketball and volleyball, field-and-track athletics, football and ice hockey, skiing and tourism. Due to our athletes our town is known all over the country.

Koryazhma is ambitious about developing tourism. Wonderful ancient Russian towns Solvychegodsk and Veliky Ustyug with unique churches and other places of interest are close to Koryazhma. Picturesque surroundings are appealing to lovers of fishing and hunting and to all those who are apt to taste adventure and culture tourism.

But the most exciting thing here can be meeting our people – hospitable, with a great variety of interests and views, striving to better their life in the period of reforms.

No doubt everybody who happens to be a desirable guest of Koryazhma is going to have a lot of impressions.

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