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Dear Sirs!

Being underway on the activity programme of establishing and developing mutually beneficial outer cooperation Koryazhma local authorities is greatly interested in long term economic partnership relationships. It sees the creation of the conditions for stimulating investment activity in all spheres of economy as an essential factor for successive cooperation development. On the first place of importance local government puts the task of creating a competitive market in principal of stable and transparent competition for promotion of projects. Everyone who is interested in opening new opportunities and perspectives in this strategic development area is welcome to join.

Here are some town territorial and economical aspects.

Koryazhma is a nice town in the South of the Arkhangelsk Region located on the left bank of the Vychegda river 40 km east of the city of Kotlas-a transport nodal point of the northern railway and 8 km from the railway station Nizovka which is on Kotlas-Mikun line. Airport is 33 km from Koryazhma. A through car traffic connects Koryazhma with Kotlas and Arkhangelsk as well as the Vychegda river flowing into the Severnaya Dvina further connecting it with the White Sea and the Russian North. All the mentioned above transport communications form an integral part of the transportation infrastructure of the Region.

The surface of the territory where Koryazhma is situated is flat, the climate here is continental. Snow period lasts 160-170 days, the river is ice-bound usually on the 5-10th of November and its break-up is on the 25-30th of April.

There is no administrative division in the town, it is an in integral municipal formation.

Koryazhma is a thriving and hospitable community with the population of 42,8 thousand people located in the urban territory of 2460 ha. The Koryazhma people live in comfortable flats in the apartment houses, the town available housing is 821 thousand square metres. Koryazhma is full of greenery in summer, parks and spots of alive nature take 543 ha. A great part of town dwellers have their own gardens and weekend houses in the picturesque surroundings in the area of nearly 644 ha. On the whole the town territory takes 5000 ha. The inside bus routes are 30,3 km long.

Telecommunication services are provided by "ARTELECOM" company and companies of mobile communications "North-West Megafon", "MTS".

The main energy resources costs are: 1 kw/h of electric power is 0,78 roubles, 1 gkal of heat energy is 236 roubles. They are much lower then in the nearby Vologda Region, Komi Republic and in the other districts of the Arkhangelsk Region as well.

Koryazhma has a favourable commodity and service market, qualified manpower resources. The town is the place of great economic significance in the Arkhangelsk Region and its stable economic reliability makes it an attractive place to invest in.

The main industries are pulp-and-paper, chemical and of building materials. There are 3 main plants in Koryazhma:

  • the town-forming enterprise "Kotlas Pulp-and-Paper Mill" produces different types of cellulose, printing and non-printing papers, cardboards, fibre boards and other products;
  • "Kotlas Chemical Factory" produces different dye-stuff products, synthetic resins and solvents for home and economy use;
  • "Industrial Enterprises Combine" produces building materials for production and house projects.

There are 419 establishments of all kinds of property registered in the town. An annual number of the town economy employed is 20410 people. In 2004 there were 543 registered unemployed. Average salaries at town establishments were 8674 roubles in 2004, they increased at 14,6 % if comparing with 2003. As for large industrial enterprises where 48 % of the population work- there average wages were 11179 roubles.

On the whole monthly payments consisting of wages and social payments in Koryazhma are 2,2 billion roubles.

Koryazhma, center of pulp-and-paper industry, refering to the number of the most successful towns from the point of view of economical stability in the Arkhangelsk region, is the centre of the Region's southern area. Its neighbours are Kotlas and Vilegodsk districts and the town of Kotlas with the population of 110,2 thousand people, the distance between its centers is less than 100 km, that is an important factor for interrelations.

Koryazhma local authorities pays much attention to culture as a development resource of the region. Geographical and historical aspects, native culture traditions, landscapes to anybody's tastes are motivation factors for developing different tourism directions, such as:

  • pilgrimage: Nikolo-Koryazhemski Monastery founded by a monk Longin in 1535 is about 5 centuries old, it has been restored recently and is interesting for historians, artists, regional ethnographers; the place named Christofor Pustyn (desert) , 20 km of Koryzhma, is connected with the name of Russian tsar Ivan The Terrible whose wife was cured with water from the Christofor Pustyn spring;
  • health improvement tourism: nature surroundings, great opportunities for health improving with water from the underground mineral lakes, a big sport complex with a swimming-pool and other sport and recreational facilities are put at visitor's disposal;
  • business tourism: Koryazhma offers a comprehensive service for business travellers including facilities for conferences and seminars, familiarization with neighbouring territories for future relationships;
  • adventure tourism: hunting, fishing, woods rivers boat trips are offered, the needs of the lovers of extreme kinds of rest can be also fully satisfied, routes at anybody's desire can be created.

Koryazhma is close to places of Russia tourist interest: Solvychegodsk (Kotlas Region) with its famous artistic and historical heritage connected with the Dukes Stroganovs name and Veliki Ustug-the Home of Father Frost.

Koryazhma invites investors for long term mutually beneficial cooperation by the rules of legal and stable business partnership. Are you seeking a secure investment place? Come to Koryazhma for new business perspectives!

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